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How to Gain More Social Media Followers using Digital Co-Marketing

Gaining new social media followers is a major challenge for many brands due to the cost and energy associated with attracting social fans. An effective remedy...

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Don’t Forget: Internal Communications are a Critical Part of Your Growth Strategy

It’s a challenging market and your company is trying to get work done. You need your employees to get on board and help you achieve...

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Event Recap: Want to Reach Increasingly Tech-Savvy Customers? Channel Minority Report

Post by: Susan Simon, Conversation Starter, Savage Brands Last month’s AMA Houston Energy SIG addressed the question: As marketers and branding professionals, how do we...

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Three Tips for Going Global

When it comes to enriching customer data for CRM initiatives or conducting new customer acquisition campaigns using a channel like e-mail, U.S. marketers have the...

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Fit Couture – Award-Winning Email Marketing Campaign Case Study

Thinking of starting an email marketing campaign for your business? Here’s the email marketing campaign that won this year’s AMA Houston’s Crystal Award for Email...

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How to Increase the Open Rate of your Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing techniques because it connects you with your target audience. By having a newsletter signup on...

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Facebook Ads – Writing Ads that Convert to Leads

As a follow up to my previous Facebook Ads blog on the many changes that Facebook has made to their ad platform, I want to...

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Facebook Ads - Not What They Used to Be

Facebook soft-launched a new tool called “Business Manager” in late 2014 that intends to allow these high-octane brand/business users to track those activities all in...

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It’s Time for B2B Marketing to Get Out of the “Dark Ages” and Do Social Media Well

In the business-to-business world, there still seems to be a reluctance to take social media seriously enough to make it work as a medium for...

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